Barron Hanson

Barron is a Vedic meditation teacher who believes that regular meditation practice is the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and the planet.

Barron is recognised as a teacher of Vedic knowledge by the Shankaracharya tradition in India. It’s a simple, natural, innocent practice that involves sitting comfortably for twenty minutes twice a day.

Designed for busy people, it is not strict and the only rule is “don’t try too hard”. Barron works with people who want to take their meditation practice further, are ready to commit to his course and want to take consciousness to the next level.  

He loves sharing Vedic meditation with people to deliver profound rest. It’s a technique that has benefited Barron, his family and his close friends.

Living in New York City, Barron was drawn to meditation to balance out the stressful energy of the city and starting a business. Meditation helped him to stay focused and maintain his energy levels, creating a strong pull to learn more about this powerful practice.

Barron’s teacher is Thom Knoles. Thom has been teaching meditation since he was 18, and for 25 years he trained under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Thom has taught over 40,000 people to meditate over his illustrious career. In India, he is recognised by the Shankaracharya tradition as the emissary of Vedic meditation in the west.

It is with the greatest reverence and respect that Thom has given Barron his personal blessing to help bring meditation to the world by teaching exactly the way Maharishi intended.

Based in Nowra on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Barron is the founder of Be Here Nowra – Community Happiness Project. He will be filmmaking this documentary/ social experiment for the next three years, building a community around meditation and sharing its power.

Barron says “You’re exactly where you are supposed to be. Your life is a cascade of yes or no decisions. Yes is the gateway to adventure”.


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