Celine Simon

“Accepting myself as worthy, loving and caring for my body, becoming more mindful of my thoughts and emotions, being in the present moment rather than dwelling into the past or worrying about the future…” These concepts are omnipresent in the practice of Yoga. I have come to understand them further and embody them since I started practicing Yoga everyday. This is also why I have decided to become a Yoga Teacher: be able to share these benefits with my students.

Body and mind are inextricably connected and whatever we experience on a physical level will have an influence on a psychological level, and vice versa. My studies as a Psychomotor Therapist have verified this statement and have given me the ability to work using a holistic approach on the Body (physical, psychological, and emotional). I firmly believe we all need to find the activities that suit us, that resonate with us. Such activities will enable us to disconnect from the confusion of this modern world while reconnecting with our true selves. Teaching yoga is one way I like to employ to help people find this reconnection, discover more about themselves, about their strengths, their abilities, and how one can still feel empowered in the 21st century.

I have been practicing Yoga for almost 6 years now and teaching for 2. Every time it is a real satisfaction to watch my students improving, discovering more about their body and about themselves. And the best addition of this experience is that I get to learn more and more every time as well (about myself and about the infinite benefits of Yoga), all while

sharing my passion.

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