Rosangela Stagg

Rosangela is one of the teachers here at Refresh Wellbeing. Her warm and inviting personality and passion for Yoga keeps her students coming back for more. 

Rosangela is well travelled, having travelled the world onboard a sailboat and raising two young boys along the way. She also worked as a flight attendant in her early years. Her love for travel has opened her eyes to experience places and people which makes her wise beyond her years. She threads her wisdom through her classes and there is always something to be learned from every class. 

Rosangela’s greatest mission in life is to help empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices by practising physical movements through yoga. 

 Certified in: – Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Kids Yoga – Hormonal Yoga Therapy (Helping those dealing with hormonal issues, such as menopausal women), 800hrs Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practices, Yoga for Disability 

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