Lindsay Simoncavage

Growing up as a small town American and a Sagittarius, Lindsay always had the urge to explore the world and get to really know herself. She discovered yoga back in 2010 while living on the Gold Coast, Australia and became hooked – frequently attending asana practices, retreats and kirtan. A few years later, she temporarily lost her health and active life. This is when her real journey of began. It took a holistic and natural approach to begin healing and yoga played a pivotal role in that journey – as did connecting to nature.

Lindsay’s entire lifestyle became focused around nature and wellness. In 2019, feeling called to dive even deeper into the practice of yoga, Lindsay finally embarked on her 200hr vinyasa teacher training journey with Janine Leagh.

Lindsay fully let go of the limiting belief around needing to be flexible to teach and practice yoga. She feels very strongly about this myth that students limit themselves with or prevents people from even trying yoga.

“The yoga journey is not about flexibility and how you look, but rather the journey you take deep within yourself and your experience of that. Yoga reconnects you and brings you home.”

Lindsay has since discovered her passion for sound healing and playing the crystal quartz sound bowls and has participated in a few crystal bowl trainings for yoga practitioners.

She is also very passionate about the benefits of breathwork, kundalini yoga and energy healing.

Lindsay completed her 100hr Breathwork and Shamanic Meditation facilitator training; her Reiki level 1, level 2 and Master certification; and Crystal Healing certification.  She is still mentoring with Janine Leagh.  Her breathwork is a combination of traditional pranayama, kundalini and bioenergetic.

You’ll often find her with her beloved kelpie, Chloe, and stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, hiking, cycling, camping, photographing landscapes, cooking, learning about plants and always connecting with mother nature. Lindsay is now a dedicated student of the djembe!

Lindsay’s mission is to help people reconnect to their true nature, realising that they are nature, not separate from it.

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