Mel Waters

Following a dedicated, life changing Ashtanga practice since 2005 and a 12 month apprenticeship with Alyson Johnson at Thirroul Yoga Shala, it’s an honour to pass on the teachings of the beautiful practice of yoga.

I teach a rhythmical, alignment focused practice based on the Ashtanga method. Following the foundational sequencing of the Primary Series. Moving to each posture, synchronised with a comfortable inhale & exhale. Pausing on each pose as we breathe into the shape. 

Always adapting the sequence with the individual practitioner in mind, I create a 1:1 learning experience in a group setting. Ensuring a sensible and accessible practice for all. 

A regular Ashtanga style practice will  subtly builds physical strength & flexibility and aids mobility. 

The meditative pace of movement with breath, leaves you calm, settled & focused. 

A practice that truly targets body & mind. Pure magic. 

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