Mel Waters

“Following a life changing Ashtanga practice since 2005, it’s an honour to pass on the teachings of this magical method. 

Setting up Yoga Tapas in 2019, offering a choice of classes from strong & dynamic (Ashtanga) to therapeutic & restorative (Chandra Krama*).  

Firstly, I teach a rhythmical, alignment focused practice based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Following the foundational sequencing of the Primary Series. Moving to each posture, synchronised with a comfortable inhale & exhale. Pausing on each pose as we breathe into the shape. 

Always adapting the sequence with the individual practitioner in mind, I create a 1:1 learning experience in a group setting. Ensuring a sensible and accessible practice for all. 

A regular Ashtanga style practice will subtly build physical strength & flexibility and aid & encourage mobility. The repetitive element of a set sequence allows the practitioner to memorise and become familiar with the series of postures. Creating the opportunity to totally submerge in the quality & sensation of the breath throughout the body. Turning this dynamic method into a meditative experience. 

A practice that truly targets body & mind.

To counter the raja’s practice of Ashtanga, I have recently been *authorised by Matthew Sweeney to share the sattvic “Chandra Krama” (Moon Sequence) with you. This sequence is designed to support your current dynamic practice and encourage a healthy balance of energy to enrich & awaken your yoga journey. A first on the South Coast.”

Mel Waters – Yoga Teacher


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