Himani Smeaton

When I was a child my mother showed us some yoga postures and practiced with us every day. Fortunately that stayed with me all my life. As a teenager, traveling through Bodhgaya in India, I learned Vipassana meditation from Mr SN Goenka.
Years later, living in Maui, Hawaii I discovered Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga taught by Sri Pattabhi Jois as he traveled the world, introducing Vinyasa Yoga to the western world. Spending 6 years in India and living in Maui, Hawai’i for 2 decades gave me the opportunity to study with great teachers.
– I completed my 500hr yoga teacher training with Eddie Modestini and Nickie Doane in Maui, have taught more than 3000 yoga classes by now and still, the learning never ends…
-Yoga is a tradition. Lineage in yoga is important because the practice we do and teach is a continuation of what has gone before us. We teach what has been taught and passed on by the teachers before us. 
– I practice yoga because it makes my life better and I teach yoga so the yoga can make your life better too, and I also have trained many students to be yoga teachers so they can hopefully make someone’s life better…..

Website www.himaniyoga.com

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