Marta Skrzypczak

Marta is a passionate Yogini, answering her life’s mission to follow the Yoga Path and share Holistic Yoga teachings with anyone who is open to listen & is ready to receive. She combines elements of powerful Mantra Chanting, Asana (Yoga Posture) with Pranayama (deep Yogic breaths), Dhyana (mindful meditation), all wrapped into subtle elements of Yoga philosophy. These hardly can be spotted in the class, but students feel the difference every single time.  Marta shares her passion and love for Holistic Yoga in her classes, going way beyond practice just on the yoga mat. In her classes, students find a deep connection with themselves, a sense of peace and calm and also gain the spark of inspiration and motivation to make a positive shift in their lives, which brings clarity of thinking and pure joy. 

In the first yoga class Marta ever attended (2007), she fell in love with her favourite practice and immersed herself fully in it. Before that time, she had been an accomplished Marketing Manager with 10 years of experience in top European corporations. At the pinnacle of her marketing career, Marta felt the calling to stop climbing the corporate ladder.  Facing her fears of leaving all that she knew, her accomplishments and well-earned titles, she decided to travel to India, learn from the source, trust her journey and dive into the Yoga Teachers Training path.

Her life path – seeking growth and improvement, led her to Australia, from where she established her Yoga Teachings and from where she constantly travels back to India to learn and absorb more purity of Yoga from the Himalayas. 

From her love, passion and dedication to Yoga, Marta has become an experienced Holistic Yoga Teacher E-RYT® 500, 1000hrs RYT® and YACEP® (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®), certified by the International Yoga Alliance organisation and Registered Level 2+ Yoga Australia Teacher.

Marta is a Lead Yoga Teacher, Author & Designer of the accredited Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice and Teaching Course in Australia. She teaches Yogic practitioners how to start and improve their personal Yoga practice in a holistic way. In addition, she offers an advanced level course for those who wish to become a professional Holistic Yoga Teacher. 

Marta blends her favourite styles of powerful Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with stable Hatha body alignment and restorative elements of Yin Yoga, topped with Mudra (hand gesture), Bandha (energy lock) and powerful Mantra chanting practice, all to bring back into balance Body-Mind-Spirit connection.

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to primary school children as well as leading holistic Yoga classes for seniors in local community centres in Australia taught Marta gratitude, connection and humility, which can be seen in her Holistic Yoga teaching today.

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