Reena Desai

The owner of Yoga Square. Yoga Square is Sydney based YOGA, currently, I am a certified Yoga instructor in Vinyasa-Hatha Yoga as well as Yin Yoga. My personal yoga journey has been incredible, rewarding and enriching, assisting me to deal better with both mental and physical health while providing a much-needed focus for my work life.

Being a medical researcher in hormone research, I can assure you yoga plays a vital role in balancing your hormones. Yoga has been my absolute love and passion, especially in bringing this to the well- being of Women. I run special series for Women`s health (Eg: PCOS, Thyroid, Endometriosis, etc) & therapeutic series (Eg: Immunity, Liver health, Lungs, and heart health etc). Getting students to breathe and giving them space to connect with themselves to attain their highest potential of physical, mental, and spiritual harmony through yoga is the most joyful part of teaching for me.
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